Yusef J

Yusef Jameel

Yusef is an actor/voice actor with experience in Stage and Screen acting.He trained for many years at Stage School and performed on Stage in many shows from a young age.He now attends classes in TV and Screen Acting in the Midlands focusing mainly on improvisation.Yusef can perform a variety of different accents and this skill landed him a voice role in a Feature Film by Award winning Film Maker and Producer Darren Bender.Whilst enjoying Commentating and Presenting Yusef also really relishes  roles in Films of a challenging theme.Most recently he filmed for an up and coming Writer/Director Musa in his Short Film ‘Lessons From Our Fathers’ a film that explores Toxic Masculinity.Yusef has had experience in filming Corporate Films/Commercials.

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Height: 173 cm

Hair: Brown/Auburn

Eyes: Brown

Playing Age: 14-18 years

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