Riyaan A


Riyaan has several live performances under his belt. The usual comment for him is “bundle of energy “and “positivity personified”. He has explored, analysed and understood characters of all sorts through his flawless understanding of human nature. He has certificates from drama schools and his acting skills are popular in school and has bagged viral videos on the social media. He is an ardent fan of different kind of arts; classics or contemporary; both from the western and eastern world.  Invited by London council to perform at Trafalgar Asian festival; Riyaan boasts of a rigorous two years’ training in Indian classical vocal music and has so far got merits in ABRSM Piano grade 2.

Screen or Theatre; he is absolutely clear on his goals in making a career in acting. Very well read and is able to finish 400 pages of novels in 2 hours straight - with resolute focus and attention. His sense of humour is of a different and matured level. His fluency in English and complete control of Hindi and Urdu is conspicuous in the diction he uses in a conversation. He entirely follows the director’s advice and delivers in surplus to what is expected.

Spotlight Registered


Height: 4ft 5"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Playing Age: 9-12

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