Neven Pilipovic

Neven Pilipovic

Pilipović is an actor and model and has lived in Berlin ever since his family fled the war in former Yugoslavia. From a very young age, the native-born Croatian’s family recognized and actively fostered his artistic talent. He learnt to play the mandolin and the guitar at the age of nine and has played in various orchestras, bands, and as a street musician.

His distinctive face allowed him to score his first international model job in 2006 for a Stateless campaign in London. Since then, he has worked with many renowned photographers such as Jo Schwab and Hannes Casper. During his work as a model, his confidence in his versatility and exceptional on-camera presence grew, leading him to pursue a career in acting.

While continuing his modeling work, he trained as an actor at ETI Berlin. Since then, he has participated in various theater and film productions, for example for arte or Deutsche Welle.

Besides his career as an actor, he is also active in a number of social projects. For example, he supported the “Psycho-Social Counseling Center for Cancer Patients and Relatives” and is on the board of the association STOP Cybermobbing e.V.

He is proficient in six languages: Swedish, Spanish, French, English, as well as accent-free German and his native language Croatian.

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Height: 6ft 3"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Playing Age: 30-40 years

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