Neven Pilipovic

Neven Pilipovic

The actor Neven Pilipović, born in the former Yugoslavia, had his breakthrough with the documentary “The Slavs – Our Mysterious Ancestors”, an ARD / arte co-production. In one of the leading roles, Neven was able to show his skills in axe and shield fighting and handle the sword to the best. In 2018 Neven took part in the TV show Tatort Wiesbaden “Assault on Precinct 08” directed by Thomas Stuber and took on a role in the Netflix series “The Last Word” alongside Anke Engelke.
He completed a classic three-year training programme as an actor. Neven Pilipović also holds degrees from the HWR Berlin and the London School of Economics and Political Science. He studied in Berlin and London, lived and worked in Sweden and Nicaragua.
Neven Pilipović is committed to environmental protection and enjoys working with animals and children. Neven is also enthusiastic about freerunning, is a passionate diver and likes to do his stunts by himself when the opportunity arises.
His current projects include the Sky TV series “Souls”, in which the Berlin-based actor plays a gun dealer and could apply his experience with firearms. In 2021, Neven Pilipović was in front of the camera for the first season of the RTL+ series “Nihat – Alles auf Anfang”. He then took on a role in the fourth season of one of the currently most popular British comedies. The release is scheduled for spring 2022. The next project is also already lined up. He will play a leading role in the cinema production “Mirna” directed by Sanjin Malesevic.

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Height: 6ft 3"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Playing Age: 40-50 years

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Credit: Hannes Caspar