Erin T

Erin T

Erin is always willing to be part of a performance, however big or small, and her hard-working attitude shows maturity and strength of character.  Her skills are in acting, singing and dancing, and diversity as a performer are recognised with her being awarded trophies and certificates for her talent.  She is a friendly, popular and enthusiastic individual who loves anything to do with performing arts.  She is full of confidence and always puts 110% in what she does.  Erin’s ability to perform is continuously growing.  Starting at an early age, Erin has always enjoyed acting and performing on stage.  Dancing was her first love, but after watching others perform on stage, she has further developed herself in amateur dramatics and singing.  Erin is very passionate about what she does and is determined to follow her dream.

Spotlight Registered


Height: 5ft 6"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Playing Age: 14-16

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