Amber M

Amber M

Amber is an honest, highly motivated, mature and independent individual who demonstrates tremendous character and integrity both in her approach to work and her relationships with others.

A dedicated, diligent and talented performer Amber was awarded the school 'Gifted and Talented' register with excellent technical skills and best independent work ethic.

Regularly recognized for her work in acting Amber was awarded a commendation by her theatre group for her role in 'Oliver' at The Rose Theatre.

Her passion for the arts has included training in the U.K and the USA, most recently from 'Stella Adler' and 'The Barrow Group' in New York.


Ambers dreams are for the stage, film and TV. Her passions are acting, singing, dance, art, horse riding and reading.



Spotlight Regsitered


Height: 5ft 7"

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Playing Age: 13-16 years


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